3 hours | 1 hour

KARST, Plymouth, UK

1st Chapter: September 2011, in occasion of VESSELCurated by Carl Slater

2nd Chapter: January 2014


Photographs by Dom Moore


A Morphologic Journey (On the Boarders of our Bodies) started as a 3-hour performance in four episodes, inspired by the journey of Ulysses under the aspect of his encounters with a variety of women. Meetings with archetypes of Circe, Calypso, Nausicaa and Penelope are guideline analogies of behavioural patterns of people on the run, men and women in search to forget, longing for union and something that may finally last.

The performance continued in January 2014 upon VestAndPage's return to KARST.

"Featuring fog, debris, muck, viscous liquid, broken glass and burned plastic, Vessel is full of references to impermanence, to liminal spaces and to shifting states. The opening-night performance by VestAndPage A Morphological Journey (On the Boarders of our Bodies), on the evidence presented, successfully wove more visceral and mythical reflections on death and rebirth into the narrative of urban regeneration."

Gabrielle Hoad, a-n The Artists Information Company, UK