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"Temporary Artistic Community"

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

First published on III Venice International Performance Art Week 2016, Venice: VestAndPage press, 2017

+ Download as pdf

"Collective Performance Opera"

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

A possible definition of VestAndPage's collective performance operas, 2017

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"Poetics of Relations – A Manifesto on Performance-Based Filmmaking"

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

Our manifesto as video article on the Journal of Embodied Research, 3(1), 3 (26:55). DOI:

"Plantain: How We Walk With Time"

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

Film research, 2015

To remember is likewise dancing with the mind between myth making, truth and forgetfulness. [continue reading]

sin∞fin – Performances at the End of the World

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

VestAndPage press, 2010

DVD & Film textbook

Standing (up), sitting (on a chair), lying (on the bed), sometimes even waiting for what is going to happen; and yet to be perfectly aware that what is going to happen as somehow already happened. A body enclosed in a circle seems to be waiting always for something, inside of which it may happen, or always makes an effort to become 'something'.

+ Download as pdf: EnglishEspanol汉语

sin∞fin – Performances at the Holy Centre

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

VestAndPage press, 2011

DVD & Film textbook

Yet, still flaws in the system. Modernity's great promise, the freedom from fear, now lies in ruins. Fear as medium, not as message. Fear as collateral effect, force behind progress. Fear as refuge, home, style, character, tradition. Fear to take a chance, scoring the aces, that plays and wins, caressing, embarrassing. Fear manages. Fear rocks. My fear begins where someone else fear ends. 

+ Download as pdf: English | हिंदी 汉语

sin∞fin – Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass

By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

VestAndPage press, 2012

DVD & Film textbook


In reality, 90% of the time here is spent on pure survival. I don't know how many of my friends have fallen down crevasses, and the crevasses killed them. Three. Three from my class have fallen down crevasses. 

+ Download as pdf: English | Espanol | Italiano  | 汉语


By Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

VestAndPage press, 2018

Film textbook

+ Download as pdf:  English | Español | Catalán


Selected texts by VestAndPage as free pdf downloads.

"Figures in a Landscape" by Douglas Quin

The essay includes an in-depth review of VestAndPage's performance-based film work sin∞fin in Antarctica.

Performing Landscapes – Performing Ice ed. C. Philpott, E. Leane and M. Delbridge, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-47388-4.

Andrea Pagnes on Turkish Performance Art

Performistanbul Publications, Text originally written in June 2019


HOME - Ciclo de performances por VestAndPage

Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke, Revista digital Acciones al Margen #2, ISSN 2711-2241, pp. 44-73.

Ephemera Journal of Theatre and Performance Studies - Dossiê Corpos e Deficiência em Cena

Andrea Pagnes, "On Disability Culture, Performing Arts, Social Theatre and the Practice of Beauty", ed. Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil, Luciana da Costa Dias, v. 3, n. 5, maio/agosto 2020


HANIX Magazin – Gedanken aus der Ferne

Andrea Pagnes, "Schiebt nicht Deutschland die Schuld zu",

(Teil 1) Nr. 68, August/September 2020, (Teil 2), Nr. 69, Oktober/November 2020
Andrea Pagnes on the resurgence of anti-German sentiment in Italy during the pandemic.

Il performer è assente / Non abbiamo idea di come diventare Internet-based performance artists

VestAndPage's consideration on the work of performance artists during the Covid-19 pandemic, L'INFORME webzine, July 22, 2020.

Amidst the Spreading: A Chronicle from the (Old) Continent

Andrea Pagnes' consideration on the the Covid-19 pandemic, Live Art Development Agency | Blog, April 1, 2020.

La urgencia de creación desde ese tesoro primordial que es el cuerpo -VestAndPage en Argentina

Work overview and interview with VestAndPage about their works realised in Argentina 2010-2012, Argentina Performance Art, April 2020.

Ephemera Journal of Theatre and Performance Studies - Dossier Antonin Artaud

"MIRRORING THE DOUBLE AND THE CRUEL- Living, Uncaging, Offending, Celebrating, Analysing: considerations on a few artistic experiences that echoed Artaud’s thought", ed. Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil, Luciana da Costa Dias, Vol 2, No 3 (2019): Dez 2019.

Repertório Livre

"Considerations on Pain and Suffering in VestAndPage's Performance Art"

By VestAndPage, Felipe Henrique Monteiro, Amber Rose Ellis, Aisha Ryannon Pagnes.

Salvador, ano 22, n.32, p.266-300, 2019.1

Loïe. Revista de danza, performance y nuevos medios

"Letter to a Young Mother. Imagine Home."

An edited collection of writings from VestAndPage's performance cycle HOME.

Andrea Pagnes about Franko B's Because of Love and Open Letters

Andrea Pagnes responds to Franko B's Because of Love, published by Live Art Development Agency, and speaks with him through Open Letters.

With this book, Franko offers us his direct testimony of how vital is for an artist to draw inspiration from the hardest life struggles and transform them into a magmatic material to create thought-provoking, genuine art where the personal becomes universal. [continue reading]

Loïe. Revista de danza, performance y nuevos medios

"COLLECTIVE SIGNATURES First Edition – Letters from Formentera" 

Letters to a young independent curator by Verena Stenke (VestAndPage), Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Francesca Carol Rolla


Please challenge me. Challenge me to step out into the unknown, for we know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know. Challenge me to use mediums and methods that are unfamiliar to me. Challenge me to go on a journey together without knowing where to, trusting that we know the path as we’re going it. [continue reading]

"KONTEKSTY 2018 – A Place, Foreign Bodies and the In Situ Principle"

Essay by Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage)


It is also for this reason that the Sanatorium, together with its natural park chiselled by trees and a large Jugendstil fountain now occupied by emerald grass, turf and tiny plants instead of springing water, is indeed one of the most inspiring, fascinating and engaging places where to perform and show ephemeral works. Here, the various meanings of performance are wielded by this space that influences them with its history and mutilated beauty, and so the artists’ expressions. [continue reading]



eds. Felipe Henrique Monteiro Oliveira & Nara Salle

With an essay by Andrea Pagnes

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, 2018

KONTEKSTY  – Konteksty w "Kontekstach"

With an essay by Andrea Pagnes "Stan" sztuki performatywnej i czym ona w ogole jest?"

Warsaw: Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2017

Issue Nr.4 (319) ISSN 1230-6142, pp. 63-68


Guest editor, Andrea Pagnes


Andrea Pagnes is part of the series of guest editors for the UNBOUND Newsletters. He has chosen 14 titles on stock at UNBOUND, which offer an insight into some of the artists that have participated live and/or exhibited in the three editions of the Venice International Performance Art Week. These exclusive and related publications are an address to all those who wish to know more about the art and life of these incredible artists. [continue reading]


Spot, Episode 11: 11-0602 TCX Snow White by Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke


It makes the shard round, is wholly without attachment, one with everything. Pellucid, the Antarctic ice bears the appearance of permanence, reducing all questions inevitably to humbleness, silence, acceptance, and finally absence. Inside and outside lose their gaps and edges. [continue reading]


"Ron Athey in conversation with Andrea Pagnes"


Live Art Development Agency make exclusively available a conversation between Ron Athey and Andrea Pagnes. This dialogue between the two artists includes a discussion around the issues and concerns of contemporary performance art as well as an in-depth focus on the work of Ron Athey, past and present, with additional notes by the editor Lisa Newman. [continue reading]


"Two Bodies in Space. Durational Performance: The Quest for Authenticity in the VestAndPage Experience"
By Andrea Pages


Practice teaches us to distinguish between being awake and sailing into oblivion. Acting with total resolution is to enter into the sphere of the inner silence, while awareness changes the automatic sense of time created by the surface of the mind. This means to wake up, honour, and make our presence sacred, because this is of primary importance. We don't need anything else to enter into the abode of darkness to achieve and increase our essence. We only need to practice relentlessly, inflexibly, and inexorably. [continue reading, pp. 4-16]

STORIE Cultural Magazine

"Planet India - Interviews by Andrea Pagnes"


• Abha Iyengar – Poetry and the Power of Commitment

To get out of the morass of obscurity and non-existence, education is the only answer. This is especially required for women, and this is my strong belief. But not only women, men require education as well, to get rid of the frustrations of not having knowledge and means to move upwards. It is a known fact of course that whatever provisions the government makes for the underprivileged get siphoned off by the middle men, those with political and social clout, and nothing reaches those for whom it was initially intended.


• Cybermohalla Ensemble – A Search for the Eleventh Question

Who will produce the imagination for where we stay, where we live? What are the boundaries of this "where": and do they exist? In Hindi the word for "where" is jahan, which also means "world". How does thought extend between these two ideas of jahan? What will our resources for thinking this be? How many can participate in this unknown search, in which one has no way of knowing what she might find, or invent?

• Avtar Singh – My Writing? A Map for Tomorrow's Children

Delhi informs everything I do and write. ... I'm just a writer: as an artist, didn't you find this city just full of potential? Its colours, its smells, the way people press about you on the sidewalks and in the trains... Everything there is a story, in itself. This city's bursting with material, it's a seam that's in no danger of getting tapped out any time soon. I'm just surprised more people aren't mining it.

How We Teach Performance Art: University Courses and Workshop Syllabus

Edited by Valentin Torrens. Outskirts Press, July 2014. 

Paperback, pp. 338. 22.46$, ISBN-10: 147873194X


VestAndPage are among the 42 authors of this publication about approaches to transmit the generative source of creativity in live action by internationally experienced practitioners, teachers and theorists of performance art. 340 pages full of ideas, points of view, methodologies, sensitivities, exercises and proposals to enjoy live practice with deeper involvement, immersion, knowledge and study. [continue reading]

La Casita de mis Suenos

 Edited by Maricela Guerrero. Alumnos47, Yolia N.G.O., VestAndPage.

Mexico City: Alumnos47, May 2014. Hardcover, pp. 181. 


A comprehensive publication of collected writings and drawings about fear, dreams and desires authored by girls of Yolia N.G.O., Mexico City, which have been realised during VestAndPage's 2012 workshop Fear is Fear. Love is Love as part of Alumnos47 curatorial project Proyecto Liquido, curated by Jessica Berlanga Taylor.


"Spaced. Art Out Of Place. The experiences of the Free University of Liverpool and the Cybermohalla project as examples of alternative education" by Andrea Pagnes (pp. 97-109)


Paradoxically, by over-producing artist statements and often assuming them as a best way to emerge from a condition of anonymity, artists also undergo a form of external surveillance, nourishing that 'watch-over you' system that rules, and that artists simultaneously criticise and strive to change. [continue reading pp. 97-109] [download as pdf]

Routledge: Performance Research
A Journal of the Performing Arts

"Antarctic Dream – Ice as Architecture of the Human Spirit" by Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke


Out there, we were constantly living in a state of paradox. To question continuously our Self to understand which art actions we should have made to render our purpose at its best begun to become almost nonsense: anything, and with it our existences, were just... [continue reading]

STORIE ex libris 01/2014

"Did I get it? – Storia di un traduttore" di Andrea Pagnes [Italian]


Storia di un traduttore 'perduto' più che mancato, "Did I get it?" è la spassosa, romantica epopea di un neolaureato che ottiene udienza dall’editoria che conta, all’alba degli anni ’90. Fa appena in tempo a scrutare nella figura di Marcella Bassi (alla Garzanti), l’artigianalità, il coraggio e la lungimiranza di coloro che hanno reso grande la nostra tradizione editoriale mentre gli viene assegnata la traduzione di Ripley Bogle dell'allora debuttante scrittore irlandese Robert McLiam Wilson. [continue reading]


"Reconfiguring Think Tanks as discursive, social model in Contemporary Art" by Andrea Pagnes


People have interests and worries about their private life, from the activities they need to engage in, to private relationships and ideals they want to strive for. There are also public interests that derive from living within a community, where one's own aspirations can be cultivated, where security and justice can be found. [continue reading] [download as pdf]

HESA Inprint, Issue 16 "Phobia/Fobia"

"IT" by Andrea Pagnes


I'm still wondering. Why so? Is it for I'm simply scared to die?

I don't remember the scream for being scared when I was born. A good scare sometimes is worth more to a man than a good advice. [continue reading]

HESA Inprint

"Without Tuition" by Andrea Pagnes


The prose "Without Restraint" portrays a father under hallucinatory visions due to heroin abstinence, and the consequent injection of another dose to alleviate his mental and physical debilitation. The plea of his daughter is almost unheard, drawn into the sea of indifference that the addiction produces inside him. [continue reading]

Research Catalogue

"Considering the Nature of the Poetic Image and its Performativity" by Andrea Pagnes


It is more or less accepted that in the moment of the performance, the performer steps to his/her higher self. S/he tends to create another type of reality for the audience to enter, and, of course, for him/her as well, becoming a mediator and carrier of signs. [continue reading]

Research Catalogue

"Radical Transparency and Eco-Intelligence in Contemporary Performance Art" by Andrea Pagnes


There are performance artists whose creativity draws on a cutting-edge research to reveal and illuminate apparent inconsistencies in human response to various kind of crisis (private, public, political); others who seem instead to direct their creative efforts to introduce new approaches on how to feel and think about different aspects of human life (social, domestic, nomadic) through their practice; and others who adopt radical transparent working methods to approach possible solutions... [continue reading] [download as pdf]


"Body Issues in Performance Art: Between Theory and Praxis" by Andrea Pagnes 


It is a discipline that moves along the interface that exists between an action that just refers to itself, and a live art work intended not just as a mere 'corpus of actions', but mainly as possible instrument of expression and communication, aimed to create or decipher a particular experience. 

[continue reading]


"Reconfiguring Think Tanks as Discursive, Social Model in Contemporary Art" by Andrea Pagnes

People have interests and worries about their private life, from the activities they need to engage in, to private relationships and ideals they want to strive for. There are also public interests that derive from living within a community, where one's own aspirations can be cultivated, where security and justice can be found. [continue reading]


"Defiling by Art: Contamination" by Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke


The capability to transform, to modify, 'to wove and unravel' like Penelope, to unmake and remake in order to re-create, even though stemming from the constant survival tension, and therefore under-going a continuous metamorphosis due to permanent stimulation and the inspiration, tributary to human talent and to the solutions that one has to find and shape time after time – is what animate the research of vitality of contemporary cooperativeness, as well as the spirit of the nowadays Homo Oeconomicus. [continue reading]


"The Continuity of Becoming" by Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke


There are doubtless fears of various types associated with going beyond certain taboos when we are dealing with themes such as spirituality, religion, and the area of the soul. It is the fear of losing control. And yet it is only when you abandon your self-control that you arrive at new forms of vision. In fact, when fear of the unknown makes room for confidence, then change and innovation are possible. [continue reading]


"The Meaning of Art Truth" by Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke


Many deal with art in the world. And many of these paint, sculpt, draw and make installations, using all sorts of media. Few, in reality truth, aim for or obtain appreciable results.... Cultural globalisation, which has indeed brought benefits, also led to an impoverishing of culture itself. [continue reading]

Masters of Today

"Letter to an artist" by Andrea Pagnes


Picture it! It is as if someone – which I never knew - has abruptly rang my bell, warning me that soon I’m going to get lost, drifting away for this oppressive silence that lasts inside myself forever. A silence always equal to itself, although capable to change the surface in various different ways. A silence ingrained into this past of mine that seems to me so strange, so vague. [continue reading]




"Thinking about Performance Art"

Venice, 2018 | Italian - English

My Art Guide

"On the Venice International Performance Art Week"

By Giulia Capaccioli, Venice, 2016



"Torna la Venice International Performance Art Week"

By Isotta Esposito, Venice, 2016 | Italian


Performance Is Alive

"Artist Feature: VestAndPage"

By Quinn Dukes, New York, 2015


Rivista PASSPARnous n.2 - TEATRO

"Conversazione con Andrea Pagnes e Verena Stenke"

By Enrico Pastore, Venice, 2015 | Italian


"Venice International Performance Art Week. L’intervista ai curatori"

By Amalia Nangeroni, Venice, 2014 | Italian


"Ritual Body – Political Body. II Venice International Performance Art Week"

By Celeste Ricci, Venice, 2014


VIVO Media Arts Centre

"On the film trilogy sin∞fin – A conversation with VestAndPage"

By Jeremy Todd, Vancouver, 2014



"Performance recrea al Museo del Chopo"

By Sonia Avila, Mexico City, 2013 | Spanish


Big Red & Shiny

"The Higher state: An Interview with VestAndPage"

By Alexis Avedisian, Boston, 2013


Personal Structures Vol.2

Interview with VestAndPage

By Valeria Romagnini / European Cultural Centre, Venice, 2013

Performa Magazine

"Venice International Performance Art Week"

By A. E. Zimmer, New York, 2012


Giornale Sentire

"VestAndPage: Corpo Ibrido, Corpo Poetico"

By Emilio Luzza, 2012 | Italian


Il Manifesto

"La militanza? E' tattile e fisica"

By Teresa Macrì, 2012 | Italian


Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas

"Sobre la pelicula sin∞fin – Proyecto Antártida"

By Raul Manrupe, Buenos Aires, 2012 | Spanish


Now Delhi

"Open Minds"

By tahska, New Delhi, 2011


1- Las Niñas de Yolia is a spoken word recording by Mexico City street girls telling about their dreams and fears. It has been produced for the 24-hour live durational  performance Fear vs Love vs Fear, commissioned by Fundación Alumnos47, Mexico City (MX) in occasion of Proyecto Liquido. Miedo in June 2012.

2 - (HOME) The Raft is a poetic recollection of splinters of memory along remote journeys. It mixes historical accounts of Sir Robert Falcon Scott's 1910 "Terra Nova" Antarctic expedition with VestAndPage's own diary entries during their one-month stay in Antarctica. It includes hydrophone recording (courtesy Douglas Quin) of Weddell seals callings under the sea. The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the live performance opera The Raft (HOME) as part of the HOME cycle in occasion of The Raft - Art is (not) Lonely, Fort Napoleon, Ostende (BE) on March 10, 2018.

3 - A-U-R-U-M is a musical piece for Creative Dynamic Breathing.

With Kassim Bayatly (Chants), Andrea Pagnes (Breath), Verena Stenke (Composition), Florence (IT), 2010

4 - CROSSING is a haiku and poetry about the "going".

The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the video poetry CROSSING, winner of La Parola Immaginata Video Poetry Prize (2009) and Nassauer Kulturpreis (2011)

5 - EAU=O is a poetic lingering around transformation and instability.

The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the live durational performance Endangered Species, held at Frassinagiodiciotto, Bologna (IT) in occasion of ArteFattaPezzi - Arte Fiera Off, January 2008.

6 - SUITEnovus is a poetic circumferencing of existence.

The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the live one-to-one performance in a hotel suite SUITEnovus, held at Artur-o Il Must, Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence (IT) in 2009 and TINA B., Mandarin Oriental, Prague (CZ) in 2010.

7 - Speak That I Can See You is a poetic invocation of our fears.

The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the live durational performance ritual Speak That I Can See You, originally premiered at Ali Pasha Castel, Porto Palermo, AL in the occasion of ArtKontakt, August 2007, and Kosovo Contemporary Art Gallery, Pristine, in the occasion of Mulliqi Prize 2007, December 2007

8 - No More Idols: All and None is a poetic collage of German and English text elements of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, layered on the soundscape piece ...sibilava tra i denti... by Mauro Sambo & Matilde SamboThe spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the live collective performance opera No More Idols: All and None (HOME X) as part of the HOME cycle in occasion of No New Idols Festival | Sculpture Quadrennial Riga at Tu jau zini Kur, Riga (LV) on May 30, 2019.

9 - Fragen an Domenig is a series of questions to the Austrian Brutalist architect Günther Domenig, developed during our one-week artist-in-residency at durch:formen, Domenig Steinhaus, Steindorf am Ossiacher See (AT). The spoken word poetry recording has been produced for the concluding live performance NonHouse | Yet | This House (HOME VII) of the HOME cycle of performances,  on October 9, 2018.