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CLIMATE EMERGENCY is the acute global problem of our time –

and it represents the point at which our time radiates far into future times.


As actors of culture, our way of production and choices impact ecological awareness and sustainability. We believe that actors and organisations of art and culture must now do their part in protecting the environment and orient our working methods towards conserving resources.


The POETICS OF RELATIONS on which we base our art

also represents our greatest responsibility.


At VestAndPage, we relate to sites psychogeographically. We investigate what sites can absorb from us and how these sites influence us and our artistic work. Our relationship as human beings to the more-than-human – our surroundings, ecosystems, ecology and the environment – are central themes in our work in performance, film and conceptual art. We see the Earth as our home and our studio – the most precious. We acknowledge that we are human bodies in the midst of non-human bodies. We are part of the ecosystem as porous, trans-corporeal (Aleimo, 2010) bodies in the Anthropocene. We influence and depend on each other – first and foremost, on our Earth. And as such, we recognise the connections between the climate crisis and other global injustices.


An Environmental Responsibility Statement 

as Motivator for Climate Protection.


As artists, we know that our main direct environmental impacts include mobility and the use of materials and resources in production. We have committed to taking immediate and effective actions to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to regularly review and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations. We set specific targets for the major parts of our footprint by following these guidelines for all our artistic productions in the visual and performing arts sector: 

RESPECT, CONSERVE, and PRESERVE natural environments.

RESPECT & VALUE all human and non-human bodies.

REUSE, REPAIR, RE/UPCYCLE materials & resources.

VALUE water – AVOID plastic – SAVE heat.

SAVE electricity. 

REDUCE consumption, waste and packaging 

by taking a step towards ZERO-WASTE operations.

AVOID the use of hazardous materials.


CONDEMN exploitation.

 PRODUCE locally.

REDUCE MOBILITY when possible and

realise mobility & logistics CO2-REDUCED with low-emission vehicles.


As part of the Decarbonisation Action Plan, please consider that we abstain from air travel in Europe and avoid overseas air travel.  If not possible otherwise, tour schedules need to be arranged in a way that compensates for the carbon footprint caused by our travel. Our tours are planned in a way to reduce the number of movements.


In our home studio in Germany, we claim sustainability and climate protection measures on architecture and renewable energies.


This is only a small step, and we continue to improve our practice, regularly reviewing and updating our impact and this statement.

Film still fom "sin∞fin – Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass" (2012)

GCC Active Member Verification mark-12 (1)_Logo large 2023.png
Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 21.21.55.png

We are pleased to announce VestAndPage has successfully qualified as a 2023 Active Member with @galleryclimatecoalition. To achieve Active status we had to demonstrate that our organisation had implemented environmental sustainability best practice in line with GCC guidance.

Active Membership is not a certification of sustainability nor a claim that we are doing things perfectly or have all the answers - none of us are at this point. We’re all doing our best to assess, report and reduce our impact, setting targets in line with science, taking any actions we can and working out other solutions as we go. We encourage all of our peers and colleagues to visit the @galleryclimatecoalition page or website to learn more about the initiative and how to get involved.

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