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Lost Matter

2022, Performance ritual

An act of intimate reflection, a moment of recollection. 

A recognition of the capitalism-caused climate crisis and the colonization of land.

A collective mourning about what we lose every day. 

Body, Climate Change, Ecology, Deep Time, Mourning, Ritual, Collective

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 Lost Matter
Performance ritual
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, STRATA


2021/2022, Performance-based film

In caves of human prehistory, the project brings together artists and researchers from the humanities, social and geologic sciences to investigate the human body as a place that exists in continuity with the geological. Body artists illuminate concepts of deep time, past and modern human cultures through performances for the camera in caves.

Body, Geology, Ecology, Deep Time, History, Science, Documentary

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 Performance-based film
 2021  / 2022


2017 - ongoing, Cycle of collective performance operas

In a time in which people continue to displace – forcibly or by choice – the current performance cycle of VestAndPage inquires into the concepts of Home and the ideal force of a community and sites of belonging, while at the same time questioning the precarious umbrella of state systems and norms that ascribe conventional meanings to both the collective and places. The chapters of HOME are developed through intensive co-creation processes with collaborating artists, presented as final collective performance operas. During these processes of production, we migrate towards ourselves and one another.


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Poetics of Relations

A Manifesto on Performance-Based Filmmaking

2020, Video article


This video article expands upon the "Poetics of Relations", the embodied research of VestAndPage, which informs their performance-based filmmaking theory and practice.


Embodied Practices, Film, Performance art, Manifesto, Geopsychology, Strange stranger, Hyperobjects

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Poetics of Relations
Manifesto on
Performance-Based Filmmaking

VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, tuberculosis, pandemics, thanatos, hypnos

1 9 Monologue

2020, Performance monologue


The experience of being as a body home to pathogens flows into this autobiographical performance text while building a bridge between precise self-observation and a global, historical and literary outside. While many in Europe consider it to be long since eradicated, it still presents the deadliest pandemic worldwide. The talk is about tuberculosis.

Body, Biology, Pathogens, Monologue

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 1 9 Monologue
Performance text 
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, Amor and Psyche, Cupid and Psyche, pandemics, COVID-19

AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) 

2020, Short film, 9'24" min

A performatic approach to the chemical, physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of Breath. Initially conceived during Stenke's tuberculosis disease in 2019, the work has been resumed and actualized during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

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(In Times of Plagues)

Short film / Three-channel video

June-August 2022

Three-month research funds of the Fonds Darstellende Künste #TakeHeart for our current research project: "Islands Included: On inclusive production methods for the performing arts" and "Radical – Skin|Body – Matters: Masks and makeup in performance art"

June 2022

Festival di Cinema di Cefalù, Palermo, IT

Official Selection screening of AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues)

July 1, 2022, 19:00

Laurahöhlen, Neckarsulm, DE

Memory activation L–A–U–R–A on the occasion of Besondere Orte – Besondere Momente. Performance an magischen Orten


July 4, 2022, 11:00 am (CET)

University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK //ONLINE

Symposium: HOME - Conversations on place and belonging 

July 23-August 20, 2022

ECC Performance Art, European Cultural Centre, IT //ONLINE

5-weekend online workshop "Performance-based filmmaking"

August 25-30, 2022

Québec City, Alma & Montréal, CA

On the occasion of RiAP Rencontres internationales d’art performance

September 16-22, 2022

Drama, GR  //ONLINE

Online screening of ANAM CARA – Mirror in the Mirror on the occasion of the International Forum of Performance Art

October 1-13, 2022

Viva Art Space, Gwangju, KR

On the occasion of Viva Art: Video Art Exhibition screening of AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) and ANAM CARA – Mirror in the Mirror

October 20, 2022, 19:30-21:30 (London Time)


Screening of AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) on the occasion of SPILL YER TEA #7 by Performance N'Tha.

October 27 and 28, 2022

Mole Vanvitelliano / Teatro Delle Muse, Ancona, IT

Preview of the film STRATA and performance ritual Lost Matter on the occasion of CINEMATICA Festival.

November 5, 2022, 15:00 (CET) / 10:00 (ART)

Buenos Aires, AR //ONLINE

Talk: Manifesto of Performance-Based Filmmaking and collective performance making on the occasion of the CINE+PERFO Festival.

November 12, 2022, 13:00 (CET) / 09:00 (ART)

Buenos Aires, AR //ONLINE

Open Encounter with the artists selected for CINE+PERFO Festival and special mentions by VestAndPage (jury members).

December 17, 2022, 19:00

European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora, Venice, IT

Collective performance BODY MATTERS: UNDER SCARS on the occasion of the Venice International Performance Art Week.

December 17, 2022, 20:30 (ART) / 15:30 (CET)

Centro de Producción Audiovisual Leonardo Favio, Buenos Aires, AR and ONLINE

Screening of AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) on the occasion of CUERPOS TRANSPARENTES



STAYINART – Beyond Borders 3.21

"VestAndPage – Corpo Vita" by Francesca Interlenghi

Online | Podcast | Print

"Figures in a Landscape" by Douglas Quin

The essay includes an in-depth review of our performance-based film work sin∞fin in Antarctica. Performing Landscapes – Performing Ice ed. C. Philpott, E. Leane and M. Delbridge, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, ISBN 978-3-030-47388-4.

Strona Tańca

"Plantain by VestAndPage: Crumbs of Displaced Memories" (Polish)

SWR2 Kultur

"Kunst und Wissenschaft: Das Filmprojekt 'Strata' in den Höhlen der Schwäbischen Alb" (German)


Temporary Performance Artist Communities – The Case Model of the Venice International Performance Art Week

By Andrea Pagnes in the Dossier "Artes escenicas y generacion de dialogo en tiempos de crisis" of KAYLLA Revista del Departamente de Artes Escenicas Num. 1 (2022)​ DOI

El Rizo Robado, no. 25, March 2022

Poética de las Relaciones – Un manifiesto sobre el cine basado en el performance por VestAndPage

El Rizo Robado, no. 24, February 2022

El performer está ausente by Andrea Pagnes

Antarctic Dream — Excerpts from the Logbook

Antarktikos #1 - Mapping Nature 2021/2022 Excerpt from the poetic logbook of our performance-based film works sin∞fin in Antarctica. ISBN 9789079344024.


Poetics of Relations – A Manifesto on Performance-Based Filmmaking

Our manifesto as video article in the Journal of Embodied Research, 3(1), 3 (26:55). DOI:


Ephemera Journal of Theatre and Performance Studies – Dossiê Corpos e Deficiência em Cena

Andrea Pagnes, On Disability Culture, Performing Arts, Social Theatre and the Practice of Beauty, ed. Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil, Luciana da Costa Dias, v. 3, n. 5, maio/agosto 2020

Ephemera Journal of Theatre and Performance Studies – Dossier Antonin Artaud

Andrea Pagnes, MIRRORING THE DOUBLE AND THE CRUEL – Living, Uncaging, Offending, Celebrating, Analysing: Considerations on Artistic Experiences that Echoed Artaud's Thought, ed. Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil, Luciana da Costa Dias, Vol 2, No 3 (2019): Dez 2019.


Repertório Livre

Considerations on Pain and Suffering in VestAndPage's Performance Art, Salvador, ano 22, n.32, p.266-300, 2019.1.


Corpos Diferenciados em Performance

eds. Felipe Henrique Monteiro Oliveira & Nara Salle

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, 2018




La urgencia de creación desde ese tesoro primordial que es el cuerpo –VestAndPage en Argentina

Work overview and interview with VestAndPage about their works in Argentina 2010-2012, Argentina Performance Art, April 2020

PANCH – Mapping Europe

Interview by Gisela Hochuli with Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage), 2019





Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, IT

Founders and main force behind the international live art exhibition project and residential educational program taking place since 2012

University of Exeter, UK

AHRC-funded research network ROCK/BODY - Performative Interfaces Between The Geologic And The Body in partnership with the British Geological Survey


EntrAxis, DE

Making space for performance art in Germany