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The following are decentralised constellations of critical encounters, which have formed part of our collective productions of performance operas and temporary artistic communities over the past years. They inform our understanding of collaborative formats of art-making and are essential in creating opportunities in production and pedagogy. We share a common philosophy of opening, sharing and holding inclusive and brave spaces for radical art production.



Since 2018

We are part of the fluid collective of performance artists, sound artists, researchers and writers co-creating in various non-hierarchical constellations, including but not limited to artists from the Northern Hemisphere. We work in production and education through performance operas, temporary artistic communities, residential educational programs and performance-based film.

With VestAndPage (DE/IT), Aldo Aliprandi (IT), Marianna Andrigo (IT), Marilyn Arsem (US), Irina Baldini (IT/FI), Sabrina Bellenzier (IT), Giorgia de Santi (IT), daz disley (UK), Nicola Fornoni (IT), Marisa Garreffa (AU/IT), Francesco Kiais (IT/GR), Fenia Kotsopoulou (GR/UK), Ash McNaughton (UK), Enok Ripley (CA), Sara Simeoni (IT/DE), Mauro Sambo (IT), Joseph Morgan Schofield (UK), Marcel Sparmann (DE), Susanne Weins (DE). Emily Welther (US), the cultural associations Studio Contemporaneo (Venice, IT), Live Arts Cultures (Venice, IT), EntrAxis e.V., (Neckarsulm, DE), Atelier Performative Künste (Düsseldorf, DE).

Production highlights




Since 2016


We collaborate with La Pocha Nostra, the transdisciplinary arts organization founded in 1993 in Los Angeles around Mexican/Chicano performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña, that provides a support network and forum for artists of various disciplines, generations, gender complexities and ethnic backgrounds. La Pocha is devoted to erasing the borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator. For 25+ years, LPN has intensely focused on the notion of collaboration across national borders, race, gender and generations as an act of radical citizen diplomacy and as a means to create "ephemeral communities” of rebel artists.

With Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Balitronica Gómez, La Saula, and many more.

Collaboration highlights




We were part of the Applied Theatre group based in Florence, IT, whose very name indicates the aim to integrate and include people belonging to the most disadvantaged categories: young people at risk, disabled persons and former drug addicts living on the margins of society. Through both the training of Applied Theatre actors and dramaturgies that speak about the participants' experiences, Isole Comprese Teatro expresses a method of theatrical research in continuous transformation, in which cognitive, emotional and social intelligence coexist and act.

Artistic direction: Elena Turchi and Alessandro Fantechi.

Above images © No Limits Festival / Isole Comprese Teatro


Production highlights

  • Hamlet, Emperor's Castle, Prato (IT), Cantieri Florida, Florence (IT), 2005

  • Ex and Ex Requiem, Cantieri Florida, Florence (IT), La Città del Teatro, Pisa (IT), 2006

  • Riccardo III, Magnolfi Theatre, Prato (IT), 2006

  • Corpo 1 Prologo, Cantieri Florida, Florence (IT); madness & arts Worldfestival II, Pumpenhaus Theatre, Münster (DE); No Limits Festival, Maschinenhaus Theatre/Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (DE); Okkupation! Festival, Rote Fabrik, Zurich (CH);  Open Ohr Festival, Mainz, (DE); Volterra Teatro (IT);  La Fabbrica delle Idee, Racconigi (IT), 2005-2007

  • Project Redbox, Contemporanea, Prato (IT), 2007

  • The Exterminating Angel, Il Fabbricone Theatre, Prato (IT), 2007

  • Fondamenti di Difettologia, Cantieri Florida, Florence (IT); Maschinenhaus Theatre, Berlin (DE), 2007-2008

VestAndPage, Strata, daz disley, Anam Cara Collective
VestAndPage, Francesco Kiais, Sara Simeoni, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Anam Cara Collective, ALexander Harbaugh
VestAndPage, La Pocha Nostra, SIGNUM, Lorenza Cini, Collective Signatures
Anam Cara Collective, Marcel Sparmann, Enok Ripley, Venice, VestAndPageYansu Wang.jpg
Anam Cara Collective, Andrea Pagnes, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Venice, Lorenza Cini.jpg
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