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I Mourn You (Fides–Spes–Caritas)

By VestAndPage, 2017

I mourn you

my father

my mother

my sisters.


I mourn you

my brother

my lover

my friend.


I mourn you

the joy, fear, life.

I mourn you,

the home, your home,

my home.


I mourn the doors that we closed forever,

the alleys hilled with ruins,

the cafes at night, these homes of tears.


I mourn you, freedom.

I mourn you, courage.

I mourn you, change.

I mourn you, missed chances.

I mourn you, faith.


I mourn you, all,

who came to help,

who came to seek shelter,

who came with hope.

I mourn you, hope.


I mourn you, grass that is silent,

clouds that keep still,

wind that says nothing.


I mourn you, poppy and memory.

I mourn you, autumn, my friend.

I mourn you, time that returns to its shell.


I mourn the mouth that speaks truth.

I mourn the time for the stone to blossom comfortably.

I mourn us, falling in free fall

as stones into the void

as stars into the sky.

I mourn you, our abilities.

Of empathy,


of honesty,

and mercy.


I mourn the love.

I mourn the wisdom.







I mourn you.


I mourn you, eternal law.

I mourn you, nature.

I mourn you, knowledge.

I mourn you, union.


I mourn

ashes and dust

 the dream

the mere catching

after the wind.



VestAndPage, A Morphologic Journey,  Karst Gallery Plymouth, 2011. Photograph © Dom Moore

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