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2009, DVD PAL, b&w with sound, 2'44" min, 16:9, 2009


The scene takes place in a street corner that seems paved like a chessboard. CROSSING is a mirror of reflections, which implicate alikeness but not necessarily equality. It touches poetically the idea of leaving, with a spoken text alluding to imaginary travels to transcend norms, conventions, boundaries, and borders. The video portrays everyday people wandering in their directions anonymously, passers-by that briefly join each other and separate along two intersecting lines on the road. Appearing and disappearing in and out of the image, it is as if they echo the impermanence of life, the events of society, culture, locality and globalism, enforcement of connections, enlargement of horizons, the fragmentation of identity. There is a moment of crossing in which they double in perfect harmony. Yet, direct communication is inexistent.



Nassauer Kulturpreis

Kult-Ur-Institut e.V., Nassau, DE


La Parola Immaginata Video Poetry Prize

Treviglio, IT


© VestAndPage 2009
© VestAndPage 2009
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