AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) (2020)

HD digital, colour with stereo sound, 9'24" min, 16:9, 2020

Aa video performance poem structured in four chapters (Conditio - Status - Echo - Mutatio), approaching chemical, physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of Breath.

It has been initially conceived in September 2019, during Verena Stenke’s three-weeks clinical isolation for tuberculosis and the initial phase of the subsequent therapy. The video displays original MRT and CT thorax scans of this period – her “inner portraits”.

The work has been resumed and actualized during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in May 2020.

© VestAndPage, 13 May 2020


GOLEM - To be generative in solidarity rather than creative in solitude

Vernissage on June 5, 18.00 GMT+3

Premiere screening of AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues) in occasion of the online exhibit in support of the HELLAS COVID 3D SUPPLY by Trojan DAO and Francesco Kiais.

Transmission of the live performances will begin at 19.30, with a total duration of 5 hours.

Available online through June 6 and 7.

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