Spazio Thetis, Venice, IT

September 2011

In collaboration with Stephan Knies (Violin) and Vedran Vucic (Graphic fractals of Liszt's musical composition)


Photographs by Mathilde Sambo and Eleonora Mayerle


In a black container a video displays red graphic fractals. Pagnes is dressed as a bride and reads out a text about scientific relevances between sound and image. In the courtyard, Stenke sits at a plastic-wrapped table with six glasses, trying to memorise fragments of Faust's final monologue. Pagnes comes to sit at the opposite table. A nurse takes off blood from his veins and fills it into six glasses.

The violinist plays fragments of Liszt's Mephisto Waltz #1, and fills the glasses with white and golden liquid. Stenke drinks the glasses, spilling the liquids onto herself. She slips under the table cloth, over the table and in front of it. With each glass filled by the violinist, her situation turns more slippery, and between her fragmented recitals she slams on the floor and stands up again. Pagnes writes with his blood a phrase on the table cloth. He burns a book and drinks a glass of black liquid. He approaches Stenke and pours the black liquid onto her by kissing her. They drink two glasses of his blood, and dance a slippery dance on the spilled liquids, while the violinist plays the entire composition.


The performance is based on the version Faust. Ein Gedicht by Nikolaus Lenau from 1836. The intensively corporal actions are accompanied by Mephisto Waltz #1 by Franz Liszt (1859), played in an adaption for violin by German violinist Stephan Knies. Vedran Vucic created a visual pattern from the musical composition.

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