Held at

CANTE Centro De Las Artes, San Luis Potosì, MX. April 2010. In occasion of Transmuted. Curated by Martin Renteria & Pancho Lopez

SKC Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade, RS. September 2010


Photographs by Icetrip Stvz and VestAndPage

Video by CANTE Slp


A women's prison. The floor of the courtyard is painted with definitions: Place of Anger - Place of You - etc. Upstairs, nearby the cells, Stenke continuously dresses and undresses. Downstairs Pagnes bashes a metal tube against the bars. Stenke tears off white papers from the walls, and washes her hands in a bucket of white paint. She drips the paint from her fingers, and exits the building. Pagnes speaks single words about society and constriction. Stenke passes by the audience, showing to each one a secret hidden in her white hands. She lays down on the floor. Pagnes invites the visitors to write on her skin with a huge rusty nail and golden color, before he too lies down at her side.


"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

– Benjamin Franklin

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