"VestAndPage examine universal human experiences through the prism of extreme environments: taking the familiar and staging it within in an epic, alien landscape; the result being a heightened reality: both entirely surreal and as familiar as a dream. [...] It's this sense of eternity that struck me the most about the film. These landscapes stretch off into infinity, cold beaches and mountains in precisely the same state as they were when humanity first stood upright and picked up rudimentary tools. In the face of this awesome massiveness, the human body is exposed as a fragile lump of flesh and bone, engaged in a desperate, futile rush to make a mark on a world that doesn't care. Pretty depressing huh? But what VestandPage show is that even in the extreme depths of frozen insignificance, altruism, partnership and love still possess a unique importance. These transient human feelings may be as ephemeral as a mote of dust, but these vital, new images underline that basic, everyday kindness is as important as the most epic of landscapes."


David C James, London City Nights



"In spite of currents, shamanic ecologies and surrealism, comes out a covert then increasing sensation of a pure, popular, irreducible sweetness. The sequences of pure flesh are exciting, epidermic, somewhat orthopaedically poetic, when inks are printed and objects rage onto bared skins, tightened with gauzes, shaken by subtle, imperceptible muscular spasms or signs. The letters, words, the writing itself is assumed as organic matter. And all this paraphernalia—always brilliant under the imprint of scenic invention—goes well with impossible landscapes, worthy of any words in spite of Chatwin. [...] After all that’s no coincidence, because if you investigate on Stenke and Pagnes, you come across a string of artistic experience ranging from visual art to performance, from poetry to sculpture, painting and dance. [...]"


Gianluca Bassi, "sin∞fin by VestAndPage - A movie of another kind," Leconte Editore



VestAndPage create profoundly poetic images that sometimes appear as allegories, and other times stripped off all pretension, being confronting in what they show. There's cruelty crowned by the sober aesthetics of beauty in form and content, expressed through actions that seem disquietudes of existence, from the depth of being. VestAndPage's investigation leads to the essence: to reveal this vital impulse, which gives movement to the body. To be conscious of that divine spark that lights up for a moment giving life to movement. To be a testimony. Where does it come from? Where does it lead us? It comes from mystery.

A strong state of humility has to turn flesh from within, to carry towards this. The content of VestAndPage's work reveals mystery, it is the fruit of knowledge of oneself, and this gives breath through art. 


Ana Alexandra Moreno, Caracas (2012)


sin∞fin - Performances at the End of the World

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego (2010)


sin∞fin - Performances at the Holy Centre

India & Kashmir (2011)


sin∞fin - Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass

Antarctica (2012)


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