STRATA (2021)


Performance-based film

In pre-production

The fifth performance-based film project by the duo VestAndPage deals with Deep Time and layers of memory in human history and the geological. In international collaborations and interdisciplinary processes, performance art, theatre, dance, visual art, and music meet science in human prehistory caves.


The production sites for this are the Swabian Jura caves, which were instrumental in developing human civilisations. The project brings together artists and researchers from the humanities, social and earth sciences to investigate the human body as a place in continuity with the geological. Body artists illuminate concepts of time and past and modern human and ecological intelligence in caves through performances for the camera. These poetic body images are nourished by documentary elements in conversations with specialists from archaeology, palaeontology, geology, speleology, art history, philosophy, and time psychology. Here, progress is made through cultural exchange and cooperation. Growing complexity is an evolutionary consequence, and plurality, the non-binary, and the social inclusion of diversity are seen as necessary possibilities to serve the understanding and further development of life.

Intending to open up a contemporary discourse on the past, the project illuminates the challenges of the present's central social issues from artistic and academic perspectives. Questions here are whether the geological separation between nature and culture can be overcome by changing bodies' views and how we can give visibility to deposits in the depths of the human being, in the earth and human history, and society and the psyche. We are concerned with strengthening the collective and ecological intelligence, contributing to the understanding of complex systems, and driving significant change through artistic production.


The project is also the artistic questioning and critical confrontation with romantic distorted images of nature and naturalness. In our world view, every living being has the right to a self-determined life, and nature is used wisely instead of being exploited. This always includes the other, the unknown, the new, the complex, the unexpected and change. To draft a possible design of a future, it is fundamental to work together in an interdisciplinary manner between branches of the arts and sciences. The joint production process involves remembering and imagining real and possible worlds while raising awareness of geological and evolutionary past and future. We base the selection of the participating renowned artists on the necessary principle of diversity: they are knowingly representative bodies that artistically reflect the layers of different cultures, societies, age groups, sexes, genders and physicality.

A VestAndPage production, Germany, 2021

In collaboration with urmu - Museum für Urgeschichte Blaubeuren, Cojote Outdoor Bad Urach, University of Exeter Research Network Rock/Body: Performative Interfaces between the geologic and the body, APS Studio Contemporaneo E.T.S., Live Arts Cultures.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste

with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner

or Culture and the Media

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