Art film

HD digital, color, silent, currently 00:58:43

Work in progress

Shot at Mount Sodom, Negev Desert and Dead Sea, Israel (2009); Bosporus, Turkey (2009); River Arno/Tuscany, Italy (2009); Chinese Wall/Beijing Region, China (2009), Glacier Perito Moreno, Argentina (2010); Antarctica (2012).


Topolino is lost, lonesome and nostalgic, wandering around the globe. On his journey to extraordinary places, in a desperate search for the myths that surround them, he entangles himself in endless failures and encounters first of all... himself.

Topolino - A Globetrotter's Fairy Tale is a silent art film in progress based on performances by VestAndPage as Topolino/Mickey Mouse. The soundscape of the film is to be produced by live musicians during screening, or by the viewer from the favourite music library, or silent with natural ambient.


Presented in various cut versions at:

Topolino, LOGE Galerie, Berlin (January - March 2009)

Visioni Acustiche, MACRO Testaccio, Rome. With live music by A Modern Safari (September 2011)

Isch Des Jetzt Kunscht?, Wasserschloss, Bad Rappenau (September 2019)

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