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Una per volta – Stirring, spinning, sweeping
1992/2020, Video
HD digital, colour with stereo sound, 12'36" min, 16:9, 2020

For the living

and for the dead.

Una per volta is a video performance response by VestAndPage and Sara Simeoni to the 1992 live performance Stirring, spinning, sweeping by Marilyn Arsem, moving through storytelling along feminism, history, magic and mythology. The video combines layers of the historic performance archive material from Arsem and her husband Bob Raymond with the actions recorded in 2020 by Verena Stenke and Sara Simeoni.

+ More about Marilyn Arsem's original performance


With gratitude to Marilyn Arsem for being an ongoing inspiration, and in loving memory of her husband Bob Raymond for allowing their performance archive material to transform with us through time.

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