Long durational performance of 5 days and 4 nights

The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, UK

In occasion of Performance Transition, curated by Blair Todd

November 2011


Photographs by Steve Tanner and Margaret Sharrow


Without Tuition or Restraint is a durational performance experiment about the idea of freedom, in which Pagnes is jailed inside a dog crate in the gallery space for five days and four nights consecutively. Stenke is closed inside the same gallery, which is open to the public during opening hours. Stenke executes one durational action each day: the first day she runs in the space for eight hours straight, the second day she wool-wraps herself onto a chair hanging from the ceiling, the third day she nails herself with her dress on the wall, the fourth day she stitches herself inside a bed, the final day she walks blindfolded carrying an hourglass. Pagnes interchanges at moments with the visitors.


"Without tuition or restraint" are the conclusive words of a quote by Irish political theorist Edmund Burke, who argued in the 18th Century that "freedom without wisdom and virtue is the worst of all evils, nothing but folly, vice and madness, without tuition or restraint."

"Without Tuition or Restraint is devoted to a central concept of history - freedom - and works towards it from the opposite: unfreedom. Stenke and Pagnes are imprisoned. ‘What exists together influences and infects each other reciprocally, and creates something undefined new,’ says Stenke and is right. A view from the window is sufficient to establish this. In Penzance one needs to take a look inside the window of The Exchange Gallery to discover the world in miniature."

Stefar Maurer, "Freiheit oder Unfreiheit, das ist hier die Frage," Heilbronner Stimme