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Eine sehr sinnliche, gläubige, glaubenssehnsüchtige und skeptische Theaterperformance ... Das Chaos der Hoffnungen gebiert erstaunlich saftiges Theater.

Züricher Tages-Anzeiger


2016, Performance opera

A collaboration of VestAndPageKollektiv Phantomschmerz, Marc Rossier und Viktoras Zemeckas


YGGDRASIL comes as a hybrid theatre project combining experimental spoken word theatre and contemporary performance art. It layers texts (Kollektiv Phantomschmerz), installations and performance actions (VestAndPage), live soundscape (Marc Rossier) and light design (Viktoras Zemeckas).

Starting from a contemporary Western confusion of rationality and absolutist ideas resulting in meaninglessness and detachment from our own mythological ritual roots, YGGDRASIL ventures into collective and individual believes. Inspired by the worldview of the Northern European mythology that once formed the base of a believe system, the work developed through the research of ritualistic practices from around the world. 


Regie: Oliver Stein | Concept, text, acting: Kollektiv Phantomschmerz (Martina Momo Kunz, Benjamin Spinnler, Oliver Stein)

Performance and Installation: VestAndPage

Live Soundscape: Marc Rossier

Light Design: Viktoras Zemeckas

A co-production with Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik

Funded by the Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Migros Culture Percentage, City of Zürich.

Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik, Zürich

Theater am Gleis, Winterthur

Schlachthaus Theater, Bern (CH)


Photographs by Alexander Harbaugh


+ Review: Tages-Anzeiger Zürich [German]


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