Cybermohalla Ensemble – A Search for the Eleventh Question

Originally published in STORIE Cultural Magazine, 2012

The interview with Shveta Sarda of the collective Cybermohalla Ensemble was realised during VestAndPage's artist-in-residence at Sarai-CSDS in Delhi, India, in April 2011.

The Delhi-based Cybermohalla Ensemble is a collective of practitioners and writers that has emerged from within the project called Cybermohalla, a network of dispersed labs for experimentation and exploration among young people in different neighbourhoods of the city, that was initiated by Ankur: Society for Alternatives in Education (Delhi) and Sarai-CSDS (Delhi) in the year 2011. Over the years, the collective has produced a very wide range of materials, practices, works and structures. Their work has circulated and been shown in online journals, radio broadcasts, publications, neighbourhood gatherings, contemporary and new media art exhibitions. Their significant publication includes Bahurupiya Shehr (Rajkamal, Delhi 2007) and Trickster City (Penguin India, 2010).

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