"Andrea Pagnes is blindfolded and seated at a small table. He’s working with a lit candle and writing with a long feather plume, inked in his own blood. Verena Stenke, his partner, is across the room: falling flat as a plank, straight down towards the floor, catching herself each time at the last moment… her nose, just inches from the hard wood. Andrea is in the mound of broken glass, now. He holds larger mirror pieces across his shoulders and chest, like wings. He walks across the glass and the sound is visceral. The glass cracks and pops under his footsteps, his red blood streaking across the translucent slivers and shards.

Adriana Disman, “Towards Anti-Disciplinarity, the (messy) hermeneutics of self-violent performance art,” Theatre Research in Canada #36.1

DYAD VI: Liquid and Solid


Grunwald Sanatorium, Sokolowsko, PL

1-hour performance in occasion of Konteksty 5 - Festival of Ephemeral Art, curated by Malgorzata Sady

19 July 2015


Photographs by Dominik Jedliczka, Agata Mielnicka, Norbert Wawrzyniak

DYAD VII: Full and Empty


Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

2-hour performance in occasion of IPA Performance Platform, curated by Fay Stevens

23 October 2015


Photographs by Jürgen Fritz and Fay Stevens

DYAD VIII: Inside and Outside


Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, UK

2-hour performance in occasion of This Is Performance Art (TIPA), curated by Nikki Milican

31 October 2015


Photographs by Kathryn Milne and Dragica Soskic

"VestAndPage ended this remarkable event by putting their own bodies on the line, enduring physical attritions while a voice-over intoned the clauses of the UN’s bill of human rights. When, finally, Pagnes walked barefoot over shards of glass – it cracking like bones under his feet – it came like an act of voluntary penance in memory of those victims of carnage the world ignored in life, and is quick to forget in death.

Mary Brennan, “Tragedy adds poignancy to thought-provoking art,” The Herald

DYAD IX: Open and Closed


Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, RU


Three performances of 5 hours each in occasion of PYRFYR - German Performance Art Season, curated by Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich and Margarita Osepyan

5 - 6 - 7 December 2015


Photographs by Igor Chernyshov and Margarita Osepyan

Video captured by Igor Chernyshov and edited by VestAndPage

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