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2021 ongoing, Video Series

In this series, VestAndPage host conversations with an existential focus with inspiring people from the arts, culture and science. In the form of shared contemplations, these dialogues search not to battle through opinions, but to raise crucial questions on our contemporaneity. The dialogues aspire to not accept any answer as ultimate, to allow for uncertainty, and to converge on a common ground in which shared knowledge is the fundament for continuous queries. Essential questions on existential concerns dig into the place of action in daily life. They touch on subjects of humanity such as time, care, dualisms, love, transformation, consciousness, conflict, nature, and art. These encounters consist of people sharing their visions through unconventional, critical and divergent creative thinking, inspecting and dissecting contemporaneity while caring for humanity. The complete collection is compiled on this website.

Momentum depends on the frame of reference. In any inertial frame, it is a constant quality.

If a closed system is not affected by external forces, its total linear momentum does not change.

A VestAndPage production 2021-2023

In collaboration with Venice International Performance Art Week and EntrAxis e.V.

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