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HOW TO UNMESH THE GARDEN OF EDEN? – In conversation with Timothy Morton

00:02:43 Capitalism as Adaptive AI

00:09:32 Art to Create the Future

00:13:55 Countering Fascism by Challenging Binaries

00:20:01 Meaninglessness and Nonsense

00:25:18 Reimagining Spirituality

00:35:37 Hyperobject: Time

00:44:06 Wars, Violence and Depression

00:52:18 Forms of Resistance

00:59:22 Truth, Irony and Logic

01:10:56 Trespassing the Anthropocene

01:25:12 Vibing the Feel

01:28:41 Strange Strangers in Hell

"How to unmesh the Garden of Eden" is the much-awaited sixth momentum episode, in which Andrea Pagnes has a long and thorough talk with thinker-writer Timothy Morton. This encounter is spiked with bittersweet thought stirrings that unfold chromatically, like a flower opening: an adaptive AI, or art that creates the future. Flâneurs of our time, their minds wander through a field of strange plants: the monstrous faces of contemporaneity such as the surge of neofascism and the anthropocentric, capitalism-caused climate emergency. As they navigate through thinking that challenges binary dichotomies, they recover the value of the meaningless and nonsense. Examining facets of human nature, they touch on culture and religion, violence and resistance, love and depression, and Timothy's core concepts: Deep Time as a hyperobject, strange strangers, the interconnectedness of the mesh, and how that all relates to hell.

Timothy Morton is a British-born and US-based professor and philosopher whose work moves along literature, ecological theory, environmental studies, food culture, and object-oriented ontology. Their writings look at nature's non-identificational character to tackle environmental ideas from the standpoint of ecological entanglement. Tim, Andrea and Verena met in 2016 at Rock/Body: Performative Interfaces between the Geologic and the Body, a research network at the University of Exeter. Their exchange about humankind's deep issues has continued ever since.

Welcome to the momentum of December 28, 2022.

VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Timothy Morton, momentum, conversation, philosophy, dark ecology, queer ecology, performance art, ooo

VestAndPage, Andrea Pagnes, Timothy Morton, momentum, conversation, philosophy, dark ecology, queer ecology, performance art, ooo


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