Performance-Based Filmmaking

Fuorinorma – La Via Neosperimentale del Cinema Italiano, IT

Francesca Fini converses with VestAndPage on Performance Art on Film in occasion of the screening of their performance-based film Plantain at Fuorinorma – La Via Neosperimental del Cinema Italiano

Performance Art on Film

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, RS

Marta Jovanović converses with VestAndPage on Performance Art on Film in occasion of the opening of the Performance Art Film Program at the Museum

Changing the Gaze – Moving Beyond Anthropocentric Imaginaries

Untitled | Imaginary Society, Bergerac, FR

VestAndPage talk on Changing the Gaze – Moving beyond anthropocentric imaginaries upon invitation by Life Itself – Sylvie Barbier and Jacques Chlopczyk

Dialogo di Mezzogiorno con VestAndPage e Adriano Aprà

(italiano) Endecameron TV, Rocca Sinibalda, IT

Il quarto giorno di residenza digitale, Endecameron TV intervista i VestAndPage. Intervengono Francesca Fini e Francesca Interlenghi. Ospite della puntata, lo storico e critico cinematografico Adriano Aprà.

Conversatorio con VestAndPage

(español) Acciones al Margen, Bucaramanga, CO

Neryth Yamile Manrique Mendoza talks with VestAndPage about their manifesto on performance-based filmmaking

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Schwäbische Zeitung | Schelklingen | "Hohle Fels: Wenn Kunst auf Wissenschaft trifft" (May 2021)

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