VestAndPage's works range from live performance cycles and collective performance operas, over performance-based films, visuals, sound and poetry to temporary artistic community projects.


They are currently developing the cycle of live collective performance operas HOME (since 2017), and a performance-based feature documentary on Deep time, as well as a series of videos, in which they host conversations under existential focus with inspiring people from the arts, culture and science.

Below a selection of current and most recent works.

For past works, please visit here.

VestAndPage, Poetics of Relations, Manifesto
A Manifesto on Performance-Based Filmmaking 
 Video Article, JER Journal of Embodied Research 
VestAndPage, Anam Cara, Tower, Film, Performance art
 ANAM CARA – Mirror in the Mirror 
VestAndPage, Marilyn Arsem, Sara Simeoni
 Una per volta –
Spinning, stirring, sweeping 
Video performance 
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, Cupid and Psyche, Pandemic, Covid-19, Tuberculosis, Performance art, video
 AMOR AND PSYCHE (In Times of Plagues)
 Video performance poem 
VestAndPage, HOME, Performance art, Collective, Theatre, Migration, Issues
 Cycle of collective performance operas 
 2017 ongoing 
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, SIGNUM, Performance art, Film, Formentera
 Performance-based short film 
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, Plantain, Performance art, Film, Spitzwegerich, Russia, WWII, Germany, History, Trauma, Healing
 [German: Spitzwegerich] 
 Feature film based on a month-long performance walk 
VestAndPage, Blood poetry, Performance art, Visual art
 Blood Poetry 
 Performance visuals 
 2014 ongoing 
VestAndPage, Venice International Performance Art, Alperoa, Tattoo, Logo
 Venice International Performance Art Week 
 Live art exhibition project 
 2012 ongoing 
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Performance Art, Film, Strata, Deep time, Geology, Body, Research
VestAndPage, Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes, Performance art, Duo
 Thought & Action 
 Dialogues of Inquiry 

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